Monday, October 6, 2008

South Plains Fair

we went to the fair, always expensive but the twins really enjoyed it this year.
Of course I like to go just to eat the corndogs and we had fried oreos but by that time the mosquitos were out in full force so we ran for the car to eat them inside. Jace and McKenna loved the animals (I tolerate it b/c I know there is a bathroom right across the way to wash hands immediately following!) They also loved the Ferris wheel, they weren't scared at all. The picture of them sitting down is of them waiting patiently for our turn. I love the pictures with dad!

Long update...........

September kicked my butt at work but I'm on the downhill slide to getting back to a "normal" schedule--just gotta make it to Halloween. So of course in the midst of the chaos or is it "chaosplexity" honey?? I didn't update weekly and then because I had so many pictures and so many things to talk about it snowballed into "I can't do it because it won't be in perfect order and I won't have said all the perfect things about all the pictures" where do I get the idea that my life is perfect---how old am I?? how long have I been trying to do perfect?? forever, it's a demon I fight on a daily basis but as usual I look around and realize I have a really great life, an amazing husband and 3 phenomenal kids and a job I enjoy so here goes the update late, imperfect but always makes me smile.