Monday, October 6, 2008

Long update...........

September kicked my butt at work but I'm on the downhill slide to getting back to a "normal" schedule--just gotta make it to Halloween. So of course in the midst of the chaos or is it "chaosplexity" honey?? I didn't update weekly and then because I had so many pictures and so many things to talk about it snowballed into "I can't do it because it won't be in perfect order and I won't have said all the perfect things about all the pictures" where do I get the idea that my life is perfect---how old am I?? how long have I been trying to do perfect?? forever, it's a demon I fight on a daily basis but as usual I look around and realize I have a really great life, an amazing husband and 3 phenomenal kids and a job I enjoy so here goes the update late, imperfect but always makes me smile.

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