Thursday, September 18, 2008


Mom had collected some boxes to pack some stuff up and the kids confiscated them and turned it into their "choo choo train" apparently it kept them busy all afternoon.

One funny thing to share: on tuesday I had worked until after 6:00pm and picked the kids up from mom's, went to Sonic for dinner and as we were waiting for our food McKenna is yelling at me "mommy how do they get inside the sonic thing"? I apparently wasn't getting thru to her by explaining there wasn't really a person inside the speaker it was kinda of like a phone-she thinks I don't understand what she is asking and keeps yelling "no, mommy how do they get inside!" I gave up trying to convince her otherwise. Then later that night she is wailing because "Jace took the color pink and that's my favorite!" he didn't take anything pink he just said "the color pink is mine". I tried to convince her that he couldn't just take the color pink that there was a lot of pink in the world and there was plenty for her. Did I mention this all took place after I had worked nearly 10 hours that day, Jim was gone to class until 9:30pm, Taylor gone to work till 9:00 and then after they finally get to sleep I get to help the teenager write an essay using metaphors??????? Just a day in the life..........................

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