Monday, September 8, 2008

First Week of School Update

Everyone had a great first week. Jim survived all the sophmores who came to school unshaven, long hair and dress code violations, so now that that's out of the way he can move on to bigger things....

Taylor is taking a pretty tough schedule, she has AP English, Dual Credit History, AP Algebra II, and Chemistry. Her fun classes are Choir, Show Choir and Photography. She made only one of two A's in her English class on a paper they had to write over the Great Gatsby that was summer reading.

Jace & McKenna both really like preschool. I have attached their first week's "work". You notice Jace's book doesn't have a picture(he told the teacher--NO, don't do that! when she tried to take his picture). Their teacher Ms. Syndy says and I quote: " Your kids are so good, especially at clean up time, they are really good helpers" Jim and I laughed but at least they are good at school. She also said McKenna smothers Jace a little but she is working on getting him to talk for himself and not letting sister do it for him. She said he plays about 50/50 with McKenna and the other kids. McKenna is always bragging about how she gets two stamps for helping to clean up because she is such a good helper.

I have just hired my 45 students for the year (after 130 applications) and two weeks of interviewing--woo hoo! now it's time for all the training......

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