Thursday, September 18, 2008


Mom had collected some boxes to pack some stuff up and the kids confiscated them and turned it into their "choo choo train" apparently it kept them busy all afternoon.

One funny thing to share: on tuesday I had worked until after 6:00pm and picked the kids up from mom's, went to Sonic for dinner and as we were waiting for our food McKenna is yelling at me "mommy how do they get inside the sonic thing"? I apparently wasn't getting thru to her by explaining there wasn't really a person inside the speaker it was kinda of like a phone-she thinks I don't understand what she is asking and keeps yelling "no, mommy how do they get inside!" I gave up trying to convince her otherwise. Then later that night she is wailing because "Jace took the color pink and that's my favorite!" he didn't take anything pink he just said "the color pink is mine". I tried to convince her that he couldn't just take the color pink that there was a lot of pink in the world and there was plenty for her. Did I mention this all took place after I had worked nearly 10 hours that day, Jim was gone to class until 9:30pm, Taylor gone to work till 9:00 and then after they finally get to sleep I get to help the teenager write an essay using metaphors??????? Just a day in the life..........................

Monday, September 15, 2008

the twins went to their first "official" birthday party. It was for the little girl across the street, she was turning 3. It was at a place called "Ready, Set, Go" and the kids had a really good time. McKenna's favorite was the rings, she would hold on, let the staff(girl who worked there) push her out and then fall into a pit of foam blocks--she did this for about 30 minuts straight and her hair was soaked she was so hot!! Jace had fun on the bungee swing and jumping on the trampolines.
School was good this week. I took pictures of their "work" it's their handprints and paperplate faces. If you will notice there is the super glue tube super glued to Jace's because of course he broke it when he was holding it just "because I wanted to" and I got the superglue out (surprised we actually had some in our house) and tried to get the lid off but it wouldn't budge so I set it down on the hand to go break up a sharing issue and when I came back the tube had leaked all over the hand and not in the place it was broken and the entire tube is now super glued to the hand--so goes our analogy is that our life is that way but the superglue still has us glued together mostly........

I added a picture of Taylor, this is one of the 5 million she has taken of herself because when your are 16 you must have the right profile picture for you myspace page but it reminds how pretty and sweet she is.

The last picture I took is of the kids having a bedtime snack last night.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Week of School Update

Everyone had a great first week. Jim survived all the sophmores who came to school unshaven, long hair and dress code violations, so now that that's out of the way he can move on to bigger things....

Taylor is taking a pretty tough schedule, she has AP English, Dual Credit History, AP Algebra II, and Chemistry. Her fun classes are Choir, Show Choir and Photography. She made only one of two A's in her English class on a paper they had to write over the Great Gatsby that was summer reading.

Jace & McKenna both really like preschool. I have attached their first week's "work". You notice Jace's book doesn't have a picture(he told the teacher--NO, don't do that! when she tried to take his picture). Their teacher Ms. Syndy says and I quote: " Your kids are so good, especially at clean up time, they are really good helpers" Jim and I laughed but at least they are good at school. She also said McKenna smothers Jace a little but she is working on getting him to talk for himself and not letting sister do it for him. She said he plays about 50/50 with McKenna and the other kids. McKenna is always bragging about how she gets two stamps for helping to clean up because she is such a good helper.

I have just hired my 45 students for the year (after 130 applications) and two weeks of interviewing--woo hoo! now it's time for all the training......

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Day of Firsts

It's the first day of school for everyone! Jim's first day as Assistant Principal. Taylor's first day to DRIVE herself to school starting her Junior year and Jace and McKenna's first day of Preschool!! As for me, it's my first day as a blogger. I have really enjoyed keeping up with friends families on their blogs so I hope to create memories for us as well. My plan is to update weekly so check back soon!